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Transforming GHG Emissions into Marketable Products: An Update One Year Later 

03-06-2019 11:52


First presented at CampusEnergy2018, Markham District Energy will provide the one-year update regarding the construction and commissioning of this photo-bioreactor process, developed by our technology partner Pond Technologies, to capture and transform CO2 emissions from our Warden Energy Centre (WEC) into algae-based nutraceutical superfoods that enhance human health. The presentation will include an in-depth review of the technology, the carbon abatement calculations, and the market opportunities for the district energy sector. Problems Solved: This transformative technology provides Markham District Energy with the ability to abate our carbon emissions without changing our primary, and preferred, fuel - natural gas. Lessons Learned: The presentation will review what has been learned to date as the team works to scale-up the Pond process from lab scale production to commercial production. Expected Results: It is the expectation of Markham District Energy and Pond Technologies, that once the commercial process is fully operational, that over 50% of the Energy Centre's GHG emissions will be captured (abated) and transformed into useful, marketable products. If successful, this would transform MDE's Warden Energy Centre into one of the the lowest carbon producing district energy facilities in the world with natural gas as its primary fuel.


Bruce Ander, Markham District Energy


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