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3 firms winning in Singapore’s sustainable business space

By District Energy posted 08-09-2017 12:16


Robin Hicks, Eco-Business
August 8, 2017


A prosperous, sheltered dot in the heart of tropical Southeast Asia, Singapore is typically spared the wrath of nature even as its neighbours are routinely afflicted by earthquakes, cyclones, floods and droughts. But the city-state is not invulnerable to the effects of climate change.

Though daunting, these climate-related challenges have presented the most forward-thinking members of Singapore’s business community with opportunities to innovate. One such innovation will be rolled out on one of the most important days on Singapore’s national events calendar, National Day.

Chilling on National Day

As they celebrate Singapore’s 52nd birthday on August 9, a section of the crowd watching the National Day Parade fireworks and fighter jet flybys on the floating platform at Marina Bay will experience something new - outdoor air-conditioning. The 31 degrees Celsius-heat and 80 per cent humidity expected on the day will be reduced to 24 degrees in some areas of the platform.

The chilled floating platform is the latest innovation made possible by the world’s largest district cooling system, a piping network some 5 kilometres long that runs across Marina Bay. Owned and operated by Singapore’s grid operator, SP Power, whose subsidiary Singapore District Cooling is a member of IDEA, it cools key landmarks including the ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands and Marina Bay Financial Centre.

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