“Pax et Lux” – Tufts Lives Up to Its Motto as New Microgrid, Central Energy Plant Nears Completion

By District Energy posted 09-25-2017 00:00


Andrew Burger, Microgrid Knowledge


Tufts University is among the growing number of Massachusetts-based institutions of higher education contributing to the state’s emergence as a hub and magnet for microgrid development and deployment.

Tufts’ motto – Pax et Lux (Peace and Light) – is an apt one.  The university is nearing completion of a campus Central Energy Plant upgrade and modernization that brings the first on-site power generation to be installed on any of Tufts’ three campuses.

That includes the commissioning of a microgrid  to provide electricity, steam and hot water to around 60 buildings and chilled water to an initial four on Tufts’ Medford campus. The university’s microgrid will run in parallel with National Grid’s utility grid service, but is able to disconnect from it and run in autonomous, “island mode” in the event of utility grid outages, said Randy Preston, director of the Tufts University Energy Project.

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