How Paris and Vienna are struggling to become the clean cities of the future

By District Energy posted 10-09-2017 00:00


Pelle Matla, Energy Post


The success of the clean energy transition will depend to a large extent on the actions of local and regional authorities. Sustainability officers from Paris, Sabine Romon, and Vienna, Bernd Vogl, explain what clean energy goals they have set themselves and how they are planning to achieve them. “The thing to start with is the infrastructure”, says Vogl. “The first task is to work on our public buildings”, says Romon.

It is one of the toughest challenges cities face today: how to speed up the adoption of clean energy technologies and innovation to help the climate – and improve their own environment. It involves changing the behaviour of their citizens – never an easy thing to do. “How to do this is the hardest question to start with,” says Bernd Vogl, Head of the Energy Department of the City of Vienna and charged with the management and coordination of the Viennese energy programs.

Sabine Romon, his French counterpart and Chief Smart City Officer at the City of Paris, agrees this is not easy. “Parisians working together on climate: That will be the big part of a new climate plan that Paris will issue next month,” she says.

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