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Growing momentum behind district energy in London

By District Energy posted 01-22-2018 00:00


Association for Decentralised Energy


The zero-carbon development requirements in the London Plan, which promotes Lean, Clean and Green development, have encouraged the implementation of district energy networks, which deliver significant energy efficiencies over traditional heating solutions. In the latest example of the growing adoption of this technology, Metropolitan, alongside its partner Vital Energi, announced today that it has been awarded the contract to design, build and operate the district energy network for St. Andrew’s Park, the new community being built near Uxbridge in the London Borough of Hillingdon.

The new community, located on the site of the former RAF Uxbridge base, consists of more than 656 homes and 30,000m2 of commercial space including a hotel, a care home, a theatre and offices. The contract, awarded by St. Modwen Properties and Vinci PLC, is to supply low-carbon heat to all the buildings on the site.

Greater London Authority (GLA) building regulations stipulate that the target for both domestic and non-domestic developments in London is for a 35% carbon-emission reduction beyond standard building regulations. This ambition has led to the requirement that developers should prioritise connection to existing or planned district energy networks where feasible, and the Mayor’s expectation is that localised decentralised systems, or district energy networks, will generate 25% of the heat and power used in London by 2025.

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