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Killing the kilowatt: the race to cut carbon from heating

By District Energy posted 01-28-2018 00:00


Jillian Ambrose, The Telegraph Business


The damp cold of a January night is easily forgotten once inside. In a smart, detached home just south of Birmingham, the Minogue family are cosier than they have ever been. They are one of around 100 homes in the local area taking part in a trial that offers a hint at the next phase of Britain’s energy revolution.

Each room in the house is set at a slightly different temperature: teenage sons opt for a cooler setting to their sister, who prefers to keep the temperature toastier. The kitchen, already comfortably warm, will heat up another few notches in a couple of hours – in time for Mr Minogue to arrive home from work.

Nicola Minogue is in the living room looking over her home’s bespoke heating patterns via an iPad app. This is far more than a remote digital thermostat controller. The algorithms underpinning this system have carefully learned the heating dynamics of each room in the house to tailor the corresponding radiator to respond in perfect accord.

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