Harvard University Aims to be Fossil Fuel-Free by 2050

By District Energy posted 02-07-2018 15:57


Kristine E. Guillaume and Jamie D. Halper, The Harvard Crimson


Harvard plans to become fossil fuel-free by 2050, University President Drew G. Faust announced in an email sent to University affiliates Tuesday.

“Harvard will seek to become fossil fuel free by 2050 by meeting our energy needs with sustainable sources and by setting targets for purchasing externally-provided services that rely as little as possible on fossil fuels,” Faust wrote in the email.

Faust also detailed an interim goal: Harvard hopes to become fossil fuel-neutral by 2026. The University previously set a 10-year climate goal in 2006 and succeeded in 2016 in meeting its targets to reduce on-campus greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent while growing its square-footage by 12 percent.

As it seeks to become fossil fuel-free, the University will follow a new “Climate Action Plan,” formulated based on the recommendations of the Climate Change Task Force and sent as an attachment to Faust’s email. Faust established the task force in 2008 to study how to reduce the University’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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