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District Cooling Market expected to grow significantly

By District Energy posted 07-12-2018 00:00


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Recently, the Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation or Empower, one of the most notable providers of district cooling services, announced that it will be providing 3,900 Refrigeration Tons (RT) district cooling services to Wasl Tower. Notably, the Wasl Tower is a 300 meters tall building and has 64 floors which include offices, residences, and a hotel. Incidentally, district cooling market has a prominent presence in Dubai where Empower currently provides more than 1000 commercial and residential buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels and universities with cooling solutions. These solutions apparently sum up to serving almost 1.34 million RT, providing district cooling services to large-scale real estate projects. Empower presents one example of how district cooling has pervaded the structure of Dubai and how the Middle East is looking to explore more sustainable options for the intense amount of cooling the region requires.

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