Australia’s Drought and Oceanic Opportunities

By District Energy posted 08-05-2018 00:00


Harry Valentine, Maritime Executive


While Australia presently endures a drought, their weather history includes previous prolonged periods of drought. In response, authorities built the controversial Wonthaggi desalination plant in Melbourne. While it was expensive to build and is expensive to operate, it can supply Melbourne with up to one third of the requirements for potable water. There are numerous other and perhaps less costly oceanic opportunities for Australia.

[...] District Cooling and Humidity

Deep level seawater is located near the coast of such large cities as Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle and Perth. Overseas, the precedent of undersea pipelines carrying natural gas under high pressure over distances of several hundred miles may be adapted in Australia to gain access to cold, deep level sea water intended for district cooling. A unit volume of water holds some 3,300 times the heat capacity as the identical volume of air at sea level, and during the warm southern summer, air conditioners and industrial refrigerators could be cooled by warn atmospheric air.

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