EU approves aid to German efficient cogeneration plants in Munich, Herne

By District Energy posted 09-25-2018 16:06


New Europe Online/KG


The European Commission said on September 25 that the EC has approved, under EU State aid rules, German plans to support the modernisation of a highly efficient cogeneration plant located in Munich and the construction of a new highly efficient cogeneration plant in Herne in the Ruhr area.

According to the Commission, the two individual support measures are granted under Germany’s 2016 Combined Heat and Generation Act (CHP Act), which the Commission approved under EU state aid rules in October 2016. Under the scheme, operators of highly efficient cogeneration plants receive a premium on top of the market price.

The Commission said the EC found that Germany’s support to the two plants will contribute to the EU’s energy and environmental objectives without unduly distorting competition in the Internal Market, in line with the Commission’s 2014 Guidelines on State aid for environmental protection and energy.

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