Some Edmonton city councillors questioning Blatchford needs more money

By District Energy posted 10-25-2018 00:00


Scott Johnston, Global News


A new report released just prior to Edmonton City Council’s utilities committee meeting Thursday calls for another $52 million to be invested in Blatchford’s district energy system.

That investment would be on top of the $115 million that appears in the city’s 2019-2022 capital budget that was released last week and that is already preapproved by council.

The cost escalation is prompting some serious second-guessing for some members of the committee.

“We’re so deep into this right now,” Councillor Sarah Hamilton. “We’re talking about huge investments in infrastructure to make it work.

“I think we need a really good look at how we’re going to recoup our costs on Blatchford, because the story has been that we keep putting money into it and we don’t really have a good plan about how we’re going to start to get that money out.”

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