UI keeps its cool: Water chilling machine finds new home on campus

By District Energy posted 11-28-2018 10:06


Scott Jackson, Daily News


Water chilling machine finds new home on campus.

The University of Idaho is spending about $285,000 in hopes to cut energy consumption while keeping campus cool during the summer months.

On Tuesday, UI deployed cranes at two locations to transplant a water chilling unit, previously housed at the Central District Energy Plant, or "steam plant," to a new on-campus home at the university's South Campus Chiller Plant, near the UI golf course where Stadium Drive becomes Nez Perce Drive.

UI Utilities Services Director Gene Gussenhoven said situating the chiller at a higher point on campus will allow the university to make the system more energy efficient - rather than pumping the water to uphill destinations from the steam plant location, UI can now use gravity to do some of the work instead.

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