Richard Branson and the Indian government are offering $3 million to reinvent air conditioning

By District Energy posted 12-02-2018 00:00


AJ Willingham, CNN


It's pretty obvious that air conditioning is a necessary technology. Living in stifling heat isn't just uncomfortable, it's dangerous, which makes the fact that air conditioning is bad for our environment a difficult pill to swallow.

After all, you can't just give it up, like plastic straws or enormous SUVs. 

So the Rocky Mountain Institute, along with India's Department of Science and Technology and Mission Innovation, is offering $3 million to the air conditioning genius who can solve this problem. It's called the Global Cooling Prize, and it's designed to find more environmentally friendly solution to the growing demand for more A/C. 

Oh, an the prize's ambassador is famed billionaire philanthropist RIchard Branson. 

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