An inside look at the largest geothermal heat system in the US

By District Energy posted 12-06-2018 11:05


McKenna King, News 5 Cleveland


BOISE, Idaho — Two high-profile geothermal water-line breaks in Downtown Boise have residents a bit concerned — especially since the city has plans to expand the system.

But the City of Boise said the leaks were a lot less dramatic than the cool air mixed with steam made them look (images show bright green colors in the air), and are looking forward to the future of innovative geothermal ideas.

Boise's geothermal heat system has been in full operation since the 1980s, and as usual, using water and metal is a recipe for corrosion. But the city says it is doing its best to remain proactive.

"A lot of people walk the streets of Downtown Boise and have no idea that such a big footprint of Downtown Boise is heated with this renewable, clean resource that we take advantage of in a big way every day," said Colin Hickman, communications manager in the Public Works Department for the City of Boise.

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