Denmark has ended its support for heat pumps in district heating, having awarded grants to 33 projects last year

By District Energy posted 01-10-2019 00:00


Charlotte McLaughlin, Ammonia21


The Danish Energy Agency, having awarded 33 heat pump projects a total of DKK 51.3 (€6.87) million from 2017 to 2018, is now ending its grants for district heating heat pumps.

“This was the last round of applications to the subsidy for large heat pumps for district heating,” Michele Rosa, an advisor in the supply centre at the Energy Agency, told this website.

The heat pump projects, likely to be completed by 2020, will most likely use ammonia as the refrigerant due to Denmark’s strict f-gas legislation. The Scandinavian country began to phase down HFCs in 2001, five years earlier than the EU as a whole (see Accelerate Europe Issue 7 to learn more).

Speaking at the Chillventa Congress (in October 2018), Lars Ove Reinholdt, product manager, refrigeration and heat pump technology at the Danish Technology Institute (DTI), based in Aarhus, said these Danish government grants to encourage district-heating plants to install large heat pumps had played a crucial role in their proliferation. 

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