Interview with Frank Schoof on geothermal development success in The Netherlands

By District Energy posted 02-22-2019 11:37


Alexander Richter, Think Geoenergy


Geothermal energy utilisation in The Netherlands has been experiencing a tremendous growth in recent years, mainly due to the development of policy instruments that tackled barriers such as geological uncertainty and the difficulty in ensuring adequate financing.

Hosting country of the upcoming European Geothermal Congress 2019(The Hague, 11-14 June 2019), today, The Netherlands is one of the fastest growing European market, especially in the heating sector. There are 16 large heating plants in operation and about 50,000 individual geothermal heating systems.

In this interview, Frank Schoof, Chairman of Stichting Platform Geothermie, discusses the reasons behind this success and future directions and opportunities.

The Dutch geothermal market is very dynamic and has grown rapidly from zero. What would you say allowed this success story?

The geothermal sector in The Netherlands grew mainly thanks to the entrepreneurs in the greenhouse sector. Sub-surface data is publicly available, which is crucial to determine the subsurface risk and thereby the financing. The role of the government was also important, with the putting in place of a risk-guarantee fund and feed-in tariff for heat.

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