Turkey targets 2,000 MW geothermal power generation capacity by 2020

By District Energy posted 03-13-2019 14:09


Alexander Richter, Think Geoenergy


Turkey wants to make better use of its geothermal energy potential and aims to achieve a geothermal based power generation capacity of 2,000 MW by 2020. The country has a current installed capacity of 1,347 MW. In an article aimed at highlighting the opportunities for German companies, German Trade & Invest draws a positive picture of the opportunities for geothermal in Turkey.

The Turkish energy policy relies on the expansion of renewable energies. Its aim is to reduce dependence on imported fossil fuels and curb the chronic trade deficit. Geothermal energy for power and heat generation is becoming increasingly important.

By the end of 2020, ie within less than two years, the power plant capacities are to increase to 2,000 MW and thus increase by almost 50 percent compared to 2018. According to the Turkish Association of Geothermal Investors (JESDER), the estimated power generation potential from geothermal sources in the western regions of the country amounts to around 3,000 megawatts. Currently, the share of geothermal energy in the total electricity production is just under 2.4 percent.

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