Intelligent Controller for District Heating and Cooling Networks Unlocks Energy Efficiency Potentials & Boosts Renewables

By District Energy posted 04-17-2019 00:00


Johan Desmedt, Vito


A consortium including a research centre, small and medium enterprises, industrial companies, a university and the European District Energy Association announces the award-winning final results of the research and innovation H2020 STORM project. The STORM project has successfully developed an innovative district heating and cooling network controller based on self-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, which was deployed and tested in two demonstration sites: one highly innovative low temperature district heating and cooling (DHC) network in the Netherlands and a more common medium-temperature district heating grid in Sweden.

During the course of 4 years, EnergyVille/VITO (BE), NODA (SE), Mijnwater (NL), Växjö Energi AB (SE), DHC+ Technology Platform c/o Euroheat & Power (BE) and ZUYD University of Applied Sciences (NL) were able to control DHC networks in a first-of-its-kind and intelligent way by using self-learning algorithms. In the STORM project a generic district heating and cooling (DHC) network controller was developed and demonstrated, with the ambition to decrease the use of fossil fuels and to increase the use of excess heat and renewable energy sources in the DHC network.

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