Ramboll authors BEIS report on alternative urban heating solutions

By District Energy posted 04-24-2019 00:00


Environment Analyst


Consultancy Ramboll’s report on alternative heat solutions to convert a town to low carbon heating has been published by BEIS, the government department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

Focusing on the conversion of existing properties to low carbon sources will be essential in meeting UK climate change targets, especially considering that 80% of the building stock that will exist in 2050 is already built. The report focuses on small and medium sized towns as they present more challenges than larger towns and cities, which have higher heat density and associated economies of scale.

In a pilot study, the town of Cowdenbeath was selected due to its characteristics being closest to the national average for such a small-medium town. The report explores possible technologies able to convert the town to low carbon heating and analyses the costs, practical constraints and challenges associated with each of them.

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