Massive 500-foot cooling towers demolished Saturday

By District Energy posted 04-29-2019 15:32


Peter Jasinski, The Herald News


For roughly 10 seconds early Saturday morning, all eyes in New England were watching the small town of Somerset.

Even before the planned 8 a.m. detonation of the former Brayton Point Power Station’s cooling towers, the streets of nearby Fall River were flooded as gawkers and rubberneckers from across the region jockeyed for the best vantage point.

According to The Herald News, Kennedy Park was swarmed and the overlook on Club Street resembled a clogged artery.

Globe Mills Avenue, a short, dead-end street boasting a few waterfront houses and a middle school, was packed. Somehow, spectators from all over southern New England had discovered the tiny vacant lot at the water’s edge there. Cars bearing license plates from Massachusetts and neighboring states lined the tiny street, calling to mind a particular scene from the film “Jaws.”

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