Adding geothermal into the UK's heat mix - utilising old coal mines

By District Energy posted 05-06-2019 11:01


Alexander Richter, Think Geoenergy


With 23,000 abandoned coal mines, most of the flooded, they could provide a great opportunity to bring geothermal to the UK's heating mix, said experts at the Durham Energy Institute. 

In a long and enlightening article, Energy Post, describes the “limitless” opportunity of tapping into geothermal energy for heating in the United Kingdom, from the country’s old coal mines.

Quoting specialists from the Durham Energy Institute, the article points that “geothermal could meet (the UK)’s heat demand for at least 100 years”. Accessible heat in the UK lies furtunately beneath or close to major population centres of the country and about 23,000 abandoned coal mines are potentially deep heat sources.

The total heat storage capacity is estimated at 36,000,000 TWh. Geothermal energy is described as a great option to be added to the UK’s heat mix.

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