Veolia's District Energy: A Powerful Asset in Trenton

By District Energy posted 06-26-2019 13:33


Trenton Daily


During a recent visit to Veolia’s Trenton-based energy plant, we had a chance to learn more about a truly powerful asset in Trenton’s energy ecosystem. General Manager Perry Alburg and Plant Manager Hector DeJesus provided a brief overview and tour of the energy company earlier this month.

In Trenton, Veolia’s district energy network provides centrally-produced hot water and chilled water to approximately 35 customers in the central business district from one cogeneration facility and multiple chilled water facilities.

Located beneath the streets and bridges of Trenton is a network of district energy hot-water and chilled-water pipes delivering environmentally friendly thermal energy to some of New Jersey’s most critical buildings. Combining an underground network with the latest energy efficient technology enables Veolia to help reduce the region’s greenhouse gas emissions and minimize environmental impact. Veolia’s district energy networks serve the critical heating and cooling needs of 30 buildings in Trenton. 

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