Savosolar Wins a Tender for Solar District Heating Germany

By District Energy posted 07-10-2019 11:17


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Savosolar has been selected as the preferred supplier for approximately 1,700 m² solar collector field and 200 m³ heat storage for the German city of Ettenheim, Southwest of Stuttgart. The value of the delivery is expected to be over 800,000 EUR. The delivery is expected to happen mainly in 2019, and the final performance test and system hand-over is planned for Q1 2020.

The ground-mounted solar thermal system with Savosolar’s premium flat-plate collectors will add fuel-free heat production and also heat storage to the already existing wood chip burner. The district heating operator, Fernwärme Ettenheim GmbH, awaits final building permit as well as financing and subsidy approval.

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