How to Cool Down as the World Warms Up Fast

By District Energy posted 09-20-2019 00:00


Thomson Reuters Foundation, Real Leaders


It has been a hot year so far. In France, Belgium and Germany, summer temperatures reached such highs that records were broken twice in just 24 hours. Dangerous heatwaves were felt yet again across India, Africa, Russia and the Arctic – the list goes on.

From the poles to the tropics, the world is getting hotter and the destructive effects of the climate emergency are being felt. Unsurprisingly, this has brought greater attention to the issue of cooling –   often taken for granted – and has begged the questions: how do we deliver cooling sustainably in a warming world and how do we keep people, medicines and food safe?  

But what is cooling? Your mind first turns most likely to air-conditioning. But cooling, and how it touches our lives, is about so much more. Cooling is essential to keep food nutritious, vaccines effective, and people safe during heatwaves. In hot climates, it makes economies productive, and for growing numbers of people, life without it is unimaginable.

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