"You're Not Trying Hard Enough" Greta Thunberg tells US Congress in Climate Change Warning

By District Energy posted 09-23-2019 10:19


ITV News


Greta Thunberg has called on US lawmakers to “listen to the scientists” about climate change and “take action” at a Capitol Hill committee.
"I know you're trying," she told Democratic senators at an invitation-only forum, "but just not hard enough. Sorry."

Facing the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis, in which young activists were invited to give their personal testimony on climate change, the 16-year-old gave a speech lasting only 50 seconds, submitting a scientific report instead.

“I have not come to offer prepared remarks at this hearing, I am instead attaching my testimony," she said.

“It is the IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5C [SR1.5] which was released on October 8, 2018.”

“I am submitting this report as my testimony because I don’t want you to listen to me." 

“I want you to listen to the scientists. And I want you to unite behind the science."

“And then I want you to take action."

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