Burlington City Council Declares ‘Climate Emergency’

By District Energy posted 09-25-2019 17:06


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The City of Burlington has joined dozens of other U.S. municipalities in declaring a climate emergency days after thousands gathered in Burlington for the Global Climate Strike.

The declaration also comes weeks after Mayor Miro Weinberger announced a plan to make Burlington a net zero energy city by 2030. The city council voted 11-1 Monday to pass two resolutions which both declare “climate emergencies,” with Kurt Wright, R-Ward 4, voting no.

More than 1,000 local governments in 19 countries have declared climate emergencies, according to the Climate Mobilization, the group which is pushing for climate emergency declarations in its campaign. In the U.S., New York, Austin, San Francisco and New Haven, Connecticut are among the municipalities which have declared climate emergencies.

A climate emergency exists and “threatens our community, state, region, nation, and planet, posing a threat to human health and safety, biodiversity, and our common environment,” one of the resolution states.

Councilor Karen Paul, D-Ward 6, said that humanity was in uncharted territory and had to take transformative action to address the climate crisis. She said she believed Burlington could accomplish the goals working together.

“We need to engage in extraordinary transitions, as the resolution noted, in transportation infrastructure, renewable energy efficiency and electrification technologies,” she said.

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