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In Support of Climate Action, Cool Coalition Partners Announce Huge Push on Efficient, Climate-friendly Cooling

By District Energy posted 09-25-2019 16:53


UN Environment


As the world gathered for the Climate Action Summit today, partners of the Cool Coalition announced major new commitments on efficient, climate-friendly cooling which can make a huge positive impact on climate change, help achieve sustainable development and save trillions of dollars.

Commitments include governments promising to develop comprehensive national cooling plans, major companies in the cooling industry pledging to cut the emissions of their products, and donors providing new funding.

Catalyzed by the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Programme, the Cool Coalition – a global network connecting over 80 partners from the private sector, government, cities, international organizations, finance, academia and civil society – was set up in April 2019 and works to expand access to cooling while reducing the climate impact.

The cooling challenge has been referred to as a “blind spot” in climate action, which must increase at least fivefold to keep the global temperature rise this century to 1.5°C. By taking forward an unprecedented and coordinated surge of activity to make efficient, climate-friendly cooling accessible for all, the Cool Coalition is responding to the UN Secretary-General’s call for accelerated climate action.

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