Greenhouse growers in the Netherlands look at repurposing gas wells to utilize geothermal energy

By District Energy posted 10-14-2019 00:00


Alexander Richter, Think Geoenergy


As reported locally, greenhouse growers in Klazienaveen, Netherlands have set their eyes on the utilisation of geothermal energy. Tullip Energy from Amsterdam wants to convert two old NAM gas wells in the Rundedal in Klazienaveen-Noord for the extraction of geothermal heat.

Earlier attempts by horticulture operators in Klazienaveen to drill for geothermal heat failed because of the lack of participation among the growers. But the use of existing wells could help save millions of Euros in extraction costs.

Both the horticulturists and the province of Drenthe see salvation in the innovative way of heat extraction. Reusing old gas extraction wells in the Rundedal near Klazienaveen is not only a lot cheaper, but also more sustainable than drilling new wells. Moreover, the risk of extraction does not lie with the growers themselves, which was the intention in the past. They only become geothermal energy customers.

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