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'Next five years are critical': Report urges government to beef up green heat plans

By District Energy posted 10-15-2019 16:23


Catherine Early, Business Green


New green heat technologies, such as heat pumps, combined heat and power systems, district heating, hydrogen and biogas, coupled with smart controls and financial innovation, could revolutionise home heating and put the UK on track to meet its net zero emission targets.

That is the conclusion from a new report from think tank Policy Connect, which argues a major revamp of green heating policy is urgently required over the next few years in order to ensure the UK meets its long term emissions targets.

Twenty-seven million UK homes are primarily heated by fossil fuels, representing 13 per cent of the UK's carbon footprint, researchers for the think tank said.

But despite widespread public support for action on climate change, the majority of the public are unaware about what solutions exist and where to turn for informed, independent advice, they found.

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