Engie secures heating deal for £1bn Edinburgh development

By District Energy posted 10-28-2019 11:20


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An on-site combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) energy centre will be built to meet the development’s energy needs.The 33-year partnership will develop and operate a new low-carbon energy scheme designed to provide all homes and businesses at the site with affordable heat and chilled water for cooling, where needed. It is is intended to offer substantial savings in terms of capital and operational expenditure; save occupiers the costs of on-site plant provision; and encourage sustainability and recycling by using electricity generated from the energy centre to supply power elsewhere.

Engie said that CCHP typically has an energy efficiency of over 80% compared with 56% for a more conventional system. In addition, allowance has been made for expansion of the service into other sustainable technologies as they are developed.

The new energy centre is a part of the Growth Accelerator Model (GAM) agreement between Edinburgh St James, the Scottish government and the Edinburgh Council.

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