Smart sustainability to drive the demand for district cooling systems

By District Energy posted 11-18-2019 17:22


Press Release, ZAWYA


In the last few years, companies have been making investments in huge projects pertaining to the changing energy landscape. Citing an example, district cooling system service provider, Empower, has recently made an investment of USD 40.8 million for a 14,000 RT project. The company has almost fulfilled all the requirements for providing DC services in Dubai. This move is indicative of the rapid adoption of district cooling systems in recent times.

A centralized 'sustainable' cooling approach

The need for sustainable energy sources is increasing by the day due to growing heat and humidity levels. Changing climatic conditions are also driving the need for environment friendly systems that are able to provide heat and coolness as per changing weather conditions. In this regard, district cooling systems seem to be gaining precedence worldwide – especially in arid regions.

The DC system basically distributes thermal energy in chilled water from a central source to various buildings and commercial spaces via a network of underground pipes. The system is considered rather efficient, mainly because the heat rejection in the systems take place through the central source, eliminating the need for separate systems in single buildings.

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