Communities Are Choosing Greener Energy

By District Energy posted 12-11-2019 12:53


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There’s nothing quite like those icy Canadian winter months to cultivate anew a precious appreciation for any conceivable device able to generate heat. Heaters and furnaces and boilers become our new best friends, equipment we rely rather heavily on for home as well as office survival. We spend all winter subconsciously hoping nothing gives in or conks out, leaving us to the mercy of below-zero temperatures.

But it needn’t be this way. Imagine a world where there exists no individual-building heating systems requiring regular and tedious maintenance; one where there’s no need for feeling constantly concerned about the cold and the possibility of what might happen if the system at the office or at home were to suddenly come crashing down in the middle of a storm.

Such a system does indeed already exist, and it’s a topic drawing major attention at this year’s COP 25 UN climate conference, which is currently underway in Madrid.

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