Emicool Expands Pipeline Network to 240KMS in 2019

By District Energy posted 01-09-2020 14:31


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Emicool has announced to extend its district cooling services to larger diversified sectors across UAE. These will include residential, retails, commercial buildings, hotels, schools, universities, hospitals, furnished apartments, industrial and labor accommodation.

It will have a mega reach network with the total linear length of pipeline network which crosses 240 kms during 2019.  The development has led to an increase of 38% in Emicool's pipeline network coverage over the past five years with a growth of 75 kms. Experts allege this growth has further paved way for demand of efficient cooling services as a climate-resilient, resource-efficient, low-carbon and affordable solution.

The company has connected to more than 2200 buildings across the UAE in 2019. Through such projects, Emicool has showcased awareness about the significance of energy-saving and environment friendly district cooling systems.

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