UK’s first district heating scheme using mine water energy now in development

By District Energy posted 02-05-2020 16:11




In a release, the UK government has announced that construction of a district heating scheme utilising mine water energy is set to begin in spring at development in County Durham, in the northeast of England, UK. The project will utilise water heated by geothermal energy from an abandoned mine in the area.

The Seaham Garden Village development will consist of 750 affordable homes, 750 private homes, a school, shops, and medical and innovation centres. The scheme is close to existing commercial buildings, a supermarket and the coastal village of Seaham, with a population of around 21,000.

The new development will be supplied with geothermal heat from the Coal Authority’s nearby Dawdon mine water treatment scheme, which treats water abstracted from an extensive network of flooded abandoned coal mines in the area.

Mine heat can be an energy source that is unaffected by external factors, meaning it has a stable price and is not subject to future variations or rises in energy prices. It is a renewable energy source that also has the potential to have a zero carbon footprint.

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