Start of Supply Marks 600th District Heating Scheme that Veolia Supports Worldwide

By District Energy posted 03-18-2020 15:41


Veolia Press Release


The Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility (RERF), operated by Veolia on behalf of Leeds City Council, has now started delivering low carbon heat for local homes. The start of this supply marks the 600th district heating scheme that Veolia supports across the world.

Developed by Veolia, the RERF, which manages all of Leeds’ black bag waste, has been built with the latest energy recovery technology. The award winning facility is designed to recover recyclable materials from the waste and use what is left to generate low carbon heat and hot water, through the new district heating network, and electricity for the local grid. It will initially supply heat for 1,983 council homes and enough electricity for 22,000 homes. 

Officially opened in November 2016, the 14 MWe RERF site is aiming to help Leeds become a zero waste city. The site is also home to Europe’s largest vertical green living wall that stretches 1,800m2 as well as a unique timber-arched frame structure.

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