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California ALJ Issues Guidance on Microgrid Deployment.

By District Energy posted 04-29-2020 19:44


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Administrative Law Judge Colin Rizzo’s Proposed Decision Adopting Short-Term Actions to Accelerate Microgrid Deployment and Related Resiliency Solutions.  The full text of the proposed decision is made available through the link provided below on April 29, 2020.

Read the Proposed Decision Here


This decision adopts short-term actions related to the acceleration of microgrid deployment and related resiliency strategies for Track 1 of this proceeding, Rulemaking 19-09-009, pursuant to Senate Bill 1339 (Stern, 2018).

First, this decision adopts solutions to accelerate interconnection of resiliency projects in advance of the upcoming wildfire season. Specifically, the large investor-owned utilities must: (a) develop and implement standardized,pre-approved system designs for interconnection of resiliency projects that deliver energy services during grid outages; (b) develop and implement methods to increase simplicity and transparency of the processes by which the utilities inspect and approve a project; and (c) prioritize interconnection of resiliency projects for key locations, facilities, and/or customers.

Second, this decision adopts solutions that modernize tariffs to maximize social resiliency benefits. This includes requiring the large investor-owned utilities to modify their net energy metering tariffs to allow storage devices to charge from the grid during the pre-public safety power shut off window. This decision also requires the large investor-owned utilities to modify their netenergy metering tariffs to remove storage sizing limits.

Third, this decision adopts solutions that promote collaborative engagement between large investor-owned utilities and local and tribal
governments. Under this decision, the large investor-owned utilities are required to conduct meetings to educate and inform local and tribal government agencies on vulnerable electric transmission and distribution infrastructure a well as critical operations that service local jurisdictions. This decision also requires the large investor-owned utilities to develop a resiliency project guide,and to assist local and tribal governments in navigating the large investor-owned utilities’ interconnection processes for deploying a resiliency project. Furthermore, this decision directs the large investor-owned utilities to dedicate staff to manage the intake of local and tribal government resiliency projects; as well as create a separate, access-restricted data portal for local and tribal governments to review data essential for microgrid and resiliency project development.

Finally, this decision conditionally approves an array of resiliency proposals set forth by Pacific Gas and Electric Company and San Diego Gas & Electric Company. This proceeding remains open.

Read the Proposed Decision Here