Halifax Water thermal heating plan passes first hurdle

By District Energy posted 05-21-2020 08:26


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Halifax Water wants to stop wasting so much waste water.

“There is a lot of latent heat, latent energy in the waste water that can be used,” James Campbell, communications manager for Halifax Water, said of the downtown Halifax waste water treatment plant adjacent to Barrington Street.

“Talk about renewable energy, this is it in its best form.”

Halifax Water’s thermal energy plan is to take treated effluent coming out of the plant and, instead of flowing it into Halifax harbour, use it in a thermal heating project that would run in conjunction with the Cogswell redevelopment.

The treated effluent would be redirected into a piping system that would be installed as part of the Cogswell project. The effluent would be flowed to six large buildings proposed as part of the redevelopment. 
“It’s the ultimate form of renewable energy,” Campbell said. “There is a constant source going into the treatment plant.”

The six buildings, planned to encompass 300,000 square metres of floor space, are to provide 3,300 residential units for approximately 7,530 residents, along with a number of retail outlets.

“Essentially, it’s a heat pump process where you can extract heat for heating in the winter and you can reverse the process and use it for cooling in the summer,” Campbell said of the system, which is called an Ambient Temperature District Energy System (ATDES). 

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