Back to business: Making water safety a priority

By District Energy posted 06-25-2020 13:48




“Our business is re-opening and employees are heading back to work. Is the water OK?”

Your water company is maintaining safe, fresh water in the system, but business owners and people who have left their homes vacant during the stay-at-home period need to take important actions.  

In a COVID-19 world, returning to life after a shutdown of a month or longer need to make the flushing of their building’s or vacant home’s water system a priority to prevent stagnant water sitting in pipes from sickening employees, residents, customers, or visitors.  It is one more unanticipated recovery priority as we seek to bring the nation’s economy back to health. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization report that fresh drinking water is safe and chlorine, the most common disinfectant in drinking water, is effective at removing the COVID-19 virus. However, water takes on a far less benign character when it has been sitting for long periods of time. While your water company continues to deliver water that meets or surpasses all safe drinking water standards, bacteria can build up in stagnant water that has remained in the portion of the service line that usually extends from the curb to the property.  That means resuming operations makes flushing of the service line nothing less than essential.

The science behind the instruction is simple:  What arrives in your tap has been regularly tested, sampled, filtered, and blended with chlorine and other treatment chemicals to ensure safe, healthy drinking water. Left stagnant in building pipes for weeks or months, bacteria finds a home, transforming the water into a potential health threat.

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