Emicool to discount bills for certain customers in response to COVID-19

By District Energy posted 08-12-2020 14:36


Middle East Construction News


A seven percent discount on declared load for the three-month period from August to October is being offered by Emirates District Cooling (Emicool) to residential, commercial and industrial customers. The move is said to be part of phase two of Emicool’s stimulus package, in response to the outbreak of COVID-19, and will apply to customers falling under identified concession areas within its portfolio.

“Emicool’s efforts are always directed towards continuous coordination with our partners in the private and public sectors to maintain a safe economic climate and a thriving business sector in Dubai. Our current initiative is a translation of the directives of the government and is re-introduced with the aim of supporting companies, residents and the business sectors, enhance financial liquidity and mitigate the effects of the current economic situation,” said Emicool CEO Dr Adib Moubadder.

According to a statement, the firm’s current total operating capacity is 355,000RTs.

He added, “The impending growth in the district cooling sector indicates an increase in demand for efficient cooling services and with district cooling services forming an important aspect of day today lives, we are positive that this move will help provide a positive environment and reflect on the economic competitiveness.”

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