Saudi Tabreed bags 3-year district cooling deal for Makkah

By District Energy posted 09-16-2020 16:04


Saudi-based Umm Alqura for Development and Construction Company has awarded a key contract to Saudi Tabreed to provide 12,000 refrigeration tons (RT) of cooling services to its leisure destination n Makkah for a three-year period.

Umm Alqura for Development and Construction Company is the owner and developer of the Masar destination, which is shaping up under the slogan ‘Dedicated to Makkah’ with King Abdulaziz Road as its core component.

The work on the district cooling services will begin soon after the completion of the infrastructure work within the first phase of the project.

Engineer Abdulmuhsin AlBakr, Vice President of Technical Affairs and Project Development, said: "The Masar destination in Makkah aims to create the appropriate environment for improving quality of life by providing facilities and amenities that help enhance the lifestyle of residents and visitors in the city."

"Our agreement for the provision of the latest eco-friendly cooling and conditioning systems is a major step towards achieving this objective," he stated.

Saudi Tabreed has a strong track record in offering excellent services leveraging the possibilities of technology, and we are confident that the company will deliver great quality district cooling solutions in order to achieve our overarching goal of making Makkah a modern landmark.

CEO Yasser Abuateek said this district cooling agreement meets Umm Alqura for Development and Construction Company’s aspirations to adopt sustainable practices by utilizing available resources instead of establishing a cooling station during the infrastructure development phase.

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