Empower starts Mirdif district cooling plant ops

By District Energy posted 09-23-2020 17:09


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Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower) has announced the commissioning of its new advanced district cooling plant at Mirdif in Dubai aimed at providing better services to the residents of Ghoroob community with the efficient and environmentally friendly district cooling energy. 
Developed by Dubai Properties in 2007 on a ​​3.3 million sq ft area, Ghoroob stands among the most sought-after residential destinations in the Mirdif district. It embraces 59 low-rise buildings (5 floors) featuring 3,000 various housing units.
The new plant, which is more advanced and economically designed in line with the global environmental standards, will have a total capacity of 18,500 refrigeration tons (RT).
Empower revealed that the new state-of-the-art district cooling plant will replace the existing two semi-permanent plants that are successfully providing district cooling services to the Mirdif residents for 10 years.
The replacement of the semi-permanent plants with an advanced permanent district cooling plant comes as part of Empower's plans to upgrade its infrastructure, enhance its services, and to achieve Dubai's goals to transforming customer services to higher levels of global competition while maintaining sustainability and protecting the environment and natural resources, said a top official. 
"The Ghoroob project plays a pivotal role in making the Mirdif region an ideal residential destination for a large segment of young workers and middle-income families who prefer to reside in Dubai," said its CEO Ahmad bin Shafar.