Contracts to be signed for the district heating network scheme

By District Energy posted 28 days ago


Amazon Web Services (AWS) has designed its data centre off the Belgard Road with renewable energy in mind and the scheme will see excess heat generated by servers farmed and redistributed to provide low-cost hot water and heating to buildings throughout Tallaght.

The use of a datacentre to supply a public district-heating scheme linking waste-heat to heat-pump technology will be the first of its kind in the UK and Ireland.  

A report on the HEATNET Tallaght District Project this week says the scheme will connect the council headquarters and Technical University of Dublin Tallaght (formerly IT Tallaght) to the large Amazon datacentre.

In 2018, the council secured €1m EU funding to promote the development of the network.

According to the report the datacentre agreed to be the major heat source for the new district heating network, offering the heat at no charge to the council.

Amazon also provided a lease for the site of the construction of an energy-centre designed to raise the waste-heat temperature for more efficient use in network distribution.

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