Caransa Group to build Amsterdam's first district heating data center

By District Energy posted 11-25-2020 08:42


Data Centre Dynamics


Amsterdam will be the first Dutch city to install a data center capable of district heating.

The data center currently being built out in the port area of Amsterdam by the Caransa Group, a real estate investment trust (REIT) that specializes in commercial properties. The new data center will be Caransa's second data center.

According to Caransa, the data center will be a 100,000 sq m (1,076,000 sq ft) facility on land purchased back in 2015 in the Western Docklands of Amsterdam. It will consist of three 80m tall towers and built next to the Telegraaf Media Group head office.

In July, the city of Amsterdam allowed data center building to resume, after two of the city's local administrations, imposed a one-year moratorium because they felt that data centers, with their demands on power and land, were out of control. Data center developments are now allowed to continue as long as they meet a budget of power and floor space.

Data centers sometimes offer waste heat for use by nearby businesses and homes, but this is more developed in Nordic countries, where district heating systems that can use that heat are more widespread. Waste heat from the Amsterdam facility will serve the district heating network of Westpoort Warmte, a joint venture between Nuon, a Vattenfall company, and the Municipality of Amsterdam.

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