Clearway Energy Thermal Announces Rebrand to Clearway Community Energy

By District Energy posted 01-20-2021 19:48


Press Release


Clearway Energy Thermal, a comprehensive energy solutions provider, today announced its rebrand to Clearway Community Energy (Clearway). The unveiling of Clearway’s new brand identity follows months of research and planning to greater reflect its mission of serving communities across North America. Clearway has energy systems in multiple cities across the U.S. including Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, San Diego, Omaha and Minneapolis. They also own and operate energy plants around the country.

“Our legacy is in the service we provide, the relationships we have developed, and the communities we have impacted,” said Jim Lodge, President of Clearway Community Energy. “We wanted to reimagine and redefine our brand to be a true representation of who we are and
what we do.”

Clearway recognized the importance of capturing employee stakeholder insight and customer brand perception. Over the last ten months, Clearway conducted extensive research including personal interviews with a wide spectrum of employees and customers. All findings were compiled and guided the direction of the rebrand.

It became apparent Clearway’s former name did not accuaretely reflect its breadth of services, or the long-term partnerships at the core of its business. A forward-thinking energy company who puts people first, the name Clearway Community Energy better suits the brand and its values. Clearway also refreshed its primary brand colors to orange and dark blue representing the warming and cooling energy and day-and-night commitment to serving their customers and communities around the clock.

To coincide with its new name and aesthetic, and in continuation with highlighting its community-focused national footprint, Clearway also redefined its value propositions and debuted a new tagline, “Local Energy. National Strength.” Clearway’s value propositions include
proven resilience, long-lasting partnership, comprehensive expertise, and community impact. Unique to Clearway, these value propositions are the brand pillars that will drive brand expression and set it apart from its competitors.

Clearway will celebrate its rebrand with a virtual employee event. “Our people are the heart of our company,” said Lodge. “We would not be where we are today without their passion and steadfast commitment to empowering our communities.”