Surrey shows how green energy works effectively

By District Energy posted 02-05-2021 14:45


Canadian Biomass


SURREY’S West Village Energy Centre is a City-owned district energy utility that provides heat and hot water to residential, commercial, and institutional buildings throughout City Centre. Opened in 2019, the City has been expanding the pipe network to provide service to new buildings, further expanding sustainable heating sources in City Centre.

“The West Village Energy Centre is proof of how Surrey is acting on delivering renewable energy on an everyday basis to our residents and businesses,” said Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum. “Currently, 17 buildings in City Centre are getting their heating needs from the West Village Energy Centre. In 2021, we plan to expand this renewable energy network even further as new buildings come on stream in Surrey’s bustling City Centre.”

West Village Energy Centre is a closed-loop network of underground heating pipes that distributes heat and hot water to connected buildings in City Centre. The same water is re-circulated back to the energy centre where the process of re-heating and re-circulating begins again.

The renewable natural gas used by the West Village Energy Centre is produced from organic waste at the Surrey Biofuel Facility.  As North America’s first closed-organic waste facility, the Biofuel Facility receives organic kitchen and yard waste collected from curbside Green Bins and transforms it into renewable natural gas, which is then piped back into the West Village Energy Centre to heat buildings on its network. The entire process reduces the carbon pollution that comes from the buildings, transportation, and waste.

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