Dubai's Empower to focus on innovative digital services in 2021

By District Energy posted 03-04-2021 09:22




Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (Empower) has announced that the digital transformation of all services provided to its customers is progressing at a high pace and will soon will meet its set targets.

In line with the Smart Dubai initiative and in a bid to implement the ’Dubai Paperless Strategy’, customers will be able to perform all their transactions without paying any visits to the company’s headquarters or branches in the near future, said a statement from Empower.

Empower pointed out that it has come a long way with regards to converting customers' transactions into high-quality digital services, and is quite close to finalizing the process as per the devised plans.

Empower lies among the first companies in the region that have invested much in the various technologies to ensure highest levels of customer satisfaction and happiness. This is yet done through its own smart online channels and platforms as well as its strategic partner, said its top official.

"It is the first district cooling company in the region to launch the electronic registration facility for district cooling services. With this service, building owners, tenants, real estate development companies can avail of the district cooling services from the safe environment of their homes instead of rushing to the company’s headquarters or the customer service centers," remarked its CEO Ahmad bin Shafar.

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