Visit to a woodchip fueled combined heating and power plant (CHP)

By District Energy posted 03-23-2021 10:56




Fuel from the forest is still a third assortment. To produce sawlogs and pulpwood is the main purpose of forestry. If there are any “leftovers”, that could be suitable for fuel. But the market for wood fuels from the forest is slowly becoming more and more important. If nothing else, it sets the bottom price for the pulpwood, at least when wood fuels are in high demand like during a cold winter. So, what happens with the wood fuel when it arrives at the combustion plant? Torbjörn at the sister site Skogsforum visited one to find out.

Torsvik woodchip fueled combined heating and power plant

Torsvik thermal power plant is owned by the municipality of Jönköping. A small town in south Sweden that for forestry people is most famous for the forestry show Elmia Wood.

There are two boilers at Torsvik, one for wood fuel and one for municipal waste. Each of them has a capacity of 100 Megawatts. The plant produces totally 670 GWh district heating and 220 GWh electricity per year. The heating is enough for 30 000 households and industries. The electricity for 25 000 households.

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