Stevens to begin sourcing 100% of electricity from renewable energy this fall

By District Energy posted 04-06-2021 10:44




Stevens Institute of Technology will source 100% of its electricity directly from a local renewable energy source beginning this fall, the school announced Monday.

The effort will put Stevens among a small number of universities in the U.S. electing to voluntarily run on 100% clean electricity.

Stevens officials said the school will strengthen its longstanding commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship through this initiative, which includes formalizing a three-year agreement with energy “greentailer” ENGIE North America and facilitated by energy consultant Gotham 360.

Robert Maffia, vice president for facilities and campus operations at Stevens, said the school will purchase all electricity needed from a local renewable source beginning Oct. 1.

“The fact that it’s physical power, local to our grid, and 100% renewable energy — that’s pretty unusual for a university,” he said.

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