America’s clean energy transformation is an investment, not a gamble

By District Energy posted 04-14-2021 09:24


Energy Storage News


With the United States’ planned investment of between US$2 trillion and US$4 trillion to achieve a net-zero emissions economy by FY2050, what role do clean energy companies play in reaching these goals? To reach a net-zero emissions economy, America requires clean technology to enable resilient, efficient and affordable grids. The investment in pragmatic, clean energy solutions will result in new jobs while attracting talent who want to work in the environmental sector. 

The US Department of Energy (DOE)’s National Incubator Initiative for Clean Energy (NIICE) initiative was developed to increase coordination and collaboration among the incubators across the country and develop best practices to raise incubator performance standards. Companies looking to scale and innovate can access information on related incubators and accelerators online at the US Department of Energy. 

Managed by inventive businesses, universities and public policy, our nation’s clean energy economy can continue to drive job growth and attract significant investment. There are distinct economic benefits of a stronger tax incentive for industrial energy efficiency technologies including combined heat and power and waste heat to power and wind and solar solutions. In a nutshell, deploying more industrial energy efficiency helps create jobs, saves manufacturers money, and reduces emissions. 

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