Submer Designs Liquid-Cooled Data Center In a Box for High-Power Edge Computing Sites

By District Energy posted 26 days ago


Data Center Knowledge


Liquid cooling company Submer has introduced a new modular data center solution that, by submerging servers in dielectric fluid, will enable its customers to pack a lot of compute muscle in a relatively small amount of space.

The Barcelona-based startup’s new MegaPod data center, which comes in 10-foot to 40-foot containers, is aimed at customers with high-density edge computing requirements, Submer CEO Daniel Pope, told DCK.

While liquid cooling is common in high-performance computing, the technology is still an emerging market for mainstream data center uses. Non-HPC use cases for liquid cooling include edge data centers and other applications that require high-density servers, such as AI and blockchain.

Submer’s design features a cooling distribution unit that manages the flow of the fluid through the IT equipment. That unit transfers the heat to a closed water loop that takes the heat outside, where it can be released or reused, he said.

MegaPod customers can reuse the hot water (about 120F) for industrial use or district heating networks.

“Imagine a telco rolls out edge infrastructure. It can select sites that can monetize the energy produced,” Pope said. “It can deploy a modular MegaPod next to a greenhouse or an industry that requires warm water to execute an industrial process, or it can deploy it next to a utility provider, which is purchasing heat for its district heating networks.”

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